Booster Gold #32 (Review)

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Booster Gold #33
Written by Keith Giffen / J.D. DeMatteis
Art by Chris Batista

Booster Gold is a laughing stock. And I mean that in the kindest way possible.

Keith Giffen and J.D DeMatteis wrote the character of Booster Gold on the Justice League International series back in the 1980s and gained quite a reputation for giving the character the comedy that he’s now known for. The two writers have returned to writing the character starting with issue #32. At first I was somewhat weary of a new writing team — mostly out of sympathy for Dan Jurgens. I thought that Dan Jurgens was doing a fine job on the book and I was happy to be reading it every month. If a change was going to be for the better, these guys were going to have to prove themselves early — but thankfully they did.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but it’s rare when I laugh out loud while reading a comic — at least a superhero comic. Well, I laughed pretty hard while reading the first few pages of this issue. Giffen and DeMatteis started out with a lot of laughs.

The issue opens up with Booster Gold in the 30th Century on the planet Daxam. This isn’t just any normal day on Daxam — this is the “Great Darkness War” — which is basically the name for some global attack that Darkseid performed on Daxam that wiped out half the planet.

Booster finds himself in the middle of this mess trying to rescue a group of rude tourists. One of them asks just what is happening and Booster replies —

But of course having awkward social encounters with these victims isn’t enough — there has a to be a supervillain to make things even worse for our hero — and there is. A female villain by the name of “Emerald Empress ” is somewhat assisting Darkseid during this global attack on Daxam and she plans on killing any stragglers she can find. She strangely takes a liking to Booster however, which he tries to use to his advantage — but it sort of ends up backfiring.

Without spoiling too much, this issue is a massive rollercoaster of emotion. I found myself laughing really hard at the dialogue throughout the book, but Booster screws up at one point and it really chances the pace of things. Rather than being a slap-stick story all the way through, the writers really grounded the story by adding some unexpected drama.

I’ve been enjoying the Booster Gold series for some time now, but this issue was something special without doing something too different. We get to see Booster being a superhero, but all the things we like about the character are proudly displayed. Michael Jon Carter is a good man with a lot of guilt for the incidents that he has no control over — and I guess that’s to be expected when you time travel. Despite his guilt, this book puts on display his hard-headed bravery, his “Game Show Host” arrogance, his sense of humor, and his compassion for others.

Is this book really necessary for any huge Booster Gold storylines in the near future? Possibly. It’s hard to say right now. A “new” character does come into Booster’s life that could shake things up for he and Rip Hunter. I’m not sure what direction that Giffen and DeMatteis have for this book but I hope they stay on board for a while.

This was a fun issue that really stood out when compared to the other comics I’ve picked up lately. Don’t believe me? Take Booster’s word for it. It’s like he says —

“Trust Me — I’m a Super Hero.”

I’d have to grade this issue a nice “B+” (something like an 8.6 out of 10).

If anyone was thinking about getting on board with the series, THIS is a great issue to pick up. It just sums up the character perfectly and really lets you know what Booster Gold is all about.



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