Flash #2 Review

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Flash #2
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manupal

MOST would agree that Geoff Johns is a great writer.
MOST would agree that Francis Manupal is a great artist.
So what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing in particular. I enjoyed this issue of Flash #2 a great deal, honestly. The first issue — which I somehow skipped over reviewing — didn’t feel like much of a first issue to me. I suppose after dragging their feet with Flash: Rebirth, Johns and Manupal really decided to “hit the ground running” with the series. By the end of the first issue we already saw a group of new villains and a major storyline was taking place.

One of the “Renegade Rogues of the 25th Century” name Mirror Monarch had been murdered — but his body was found in modern times.

OH! And the Renegade Rogues claim that he had been murdered by none other than Barry Allen — in the future.

Follow me? It’s OK. Barry is just as confused as we are, so there’s no need to feel lost.

The first issue ended with Flash being confronted on a rooftop by a group of the future Rogues. They announced that Barry would be under arrest for the murder of Mirror Monarch. Barry looked on in shock at their accusation and was left in total disbelief.

And issue #2 opens up right where the first left off.

Barrry Allen is under arrest by the Renegade Rogues.

Barry simply believes they are mistaken and flees as the Renegade Rogues try to forcefully arrest him. Barry outwits them and winds up causing the time-portal-boards to malfunction. The minor explosion sends the Renegade Rogues back into the future, but in the process the time warp rapidly ages the ground around an apartment complex. Barry makes the rescue of all the civilians inside, rebuilds the place, then calls it a day.

That’s enough spoilers — but you’ll just have to trust me that more happens. I wouldn’t’ call it anything breathtaking or shocking like the first issue, but it’s just nice to see Barry readjusting to this normal life.

I’ve been a Wally West and Bart Allen fan all my life, so Barry Allen returning to reclaim the Flash mantle hurt me somewhat. That was then. This is now. Geoff Johns wrote some of the best Wally West stories that exist, and now he’s getting the chance to write Barry Allen in the DCU — and I’m OK with that.

The art of Francis Manupal is worth the cover price alone. It adds some element to the Flash that doesn’t seem like it SHOULD work but it just DOES. The “sketchy” and “washy” look that he became known for in Adventure Comics looks great for a character like the Flash. I must admit that I think he draws a better Smallville than he does Central City, but great art is still great art.

Geoff Johns clearly has a big story in mind for Barry and we can see this going places. I love the Rogues of the 21st Century and these new Renegade Rogues are a strange addition but I’m interested in what’s going to happen. I like the idea that in the future of the Flash legacy, the cowls of the villains have been taken up by cops — or it at least SEEMS that way.

This issue is a little superior in comparisson to the first and I don’t really know why. It could have been a lot better and I get the feeling that Geoff Johns isn’t quite as enthusiastic about writing the Flash as he was about Green Lantern when he first took over. Don’t get me wrong — I know he loves both the character of Hal and Barry, but I think most of his big stories involved the GL universe. The Flash stories that he’s written are very focused on the villains, and while this is not a bad thing, I hope the series continues to focus on Barry and reworking his personal life.

This issue gets a “B-“.

Flash #2 is most definitely “very good” but it’s just barely above an “average” feel. The art is fantastic and I have hope that this issue will be just one piece of a massive (enjoyable) story for the Flash.



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