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If you haven’t heard yet, DC is working on a new animated series called “Young Justice”. Unlike the comic book series from the late 90s with the same name, this series takes place in a completely different universe. In the DC “Multiverse”, this universe can be classified as Earth-16. “Young Justice” is the name for the group of sidekick heroes as opposed to the Teen Titans in the main DCU comic continuity.

So basically, this series is loosely connected to the comics. That’s all you really need to know.

The premise is that the Justice League is newly formed. Characters like Superman and Batman have debuted in the last 10 years. The government is using the Justice League for their full purpose, but there are some missions and tasks that involve a more “black ops” type team. This is where the sidekicks — Young Justice — comes in.

Now that you have the basic concept of the cartoon, I’m going to break this down into bullet points and short paragraphs so this will hopefully be an easy read.

– Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are the two lead producers on the show.

– The show will be debuting in November on Cartoon Network.

– The Justice League in the show serve as the mentors to the Young Justice.

– There are only 16 members to the Justice League.

– The Justice League is seen as celebrities by the public. Their every move is watched by the public eye. The Young Justice team is there to do what the Justice League cannot.

– The character designs are done by Phil Bourassa who previously worked on Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

The Justice League lineup is as follows:

Superman (Clark Kent / Kal El)
Batman (Bruce Wayne) — voiced by Bruce Greenwood
Wonder Woman
Flash (Barry Allen)
Aquaman — voiced by Phil LaMarr
Martian Manhunter

Other characters to appear in the show — judging from the above picture which was taken at ComicCon and details that have been released — are the following:

Green Arrow — voiced by Alan Tudyk
Black Canary
Speedy / Red Arrow (Roy Harper)
Another (?) Aqualad / Tempest (Garth)
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Green Lantern John Stewart
Captain Marvel — voiced by Rob Lowe
Red Tornado
Captain Atom

The Young Justice lineup is as follows:

*Robin (Dick Grayson) — voiced by Jesse McCartney
Robin is only 13 years old. He is the youngest of the team, but is also the most experienced. Robin has been working as a sidekick to Batman since the age of 9.

*Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) — voiced by Kari Peyton
Aqualad is 16 years old. He is the son of Black Manta — but even he does not know this.
He is obviously not Garth (AKA Aqualad who became Tempest) but Garth WILL BE in the show.

*Kid Flash (Wally West) — voiced by Jason Spizak
Kid Flash is not as fast as his Uncle Barry — the Flash. Kid Flash is 15 years old.

*Superboy (Conner Kent) — voiced by Nolan North
Superboy is 16 years old. At the start of the series, he has taken no name as he is a newly “hatched clone”. The creators of the show have said that this Superboy is a much different interpretation of Conner Kent in the comics, but it will remain close to the character’s origin.

*Miss Martian — voiced by Danica McKellar
Miss Martian is 16 years old — although she is 48 in “Martian Years”. She is the niece of Martian Manhunter. She is both new to Earth and is very new to being a superhero.

*Artemis — voiced by Stephanie Lemelin.
She is 16 years old. No details have been confirmed on who her true identity is — other than the fact that she IS an existing character in the DCU. Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman have said she is a very obscure character. She is not Arrowette. She is not Wonder Girl. She is not Speedy. But she is an existing DCU character.

Other notes include:

Peter David has confirmed that he is writing an episode.

Captain Marvel — while he serves as a mentor — can also easily relate seeing as how he can revert back to Billy Batson. Billy is 10-years old in the series, so he can change back and forth from child to adult.

Confirmed villains so far are Captain Cold, Mr. Freeze, and Queen Bee (among others).

While Robin is the most experienced of the team, he is NOT the leader and has no intention to. Aqualad IS the leader of the team.

Batman will serve as the “General” of the team. He assists Robin very much in the strategies for each mission.

More pictures:

Information from:
*Titans Tower


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