Aquaman #1 Preview

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If you would have told me over a year ago that Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis would be doing an Aquaman series, I would have told you I could think of no greater comic team to tackle my favorite superhero. Flash forward to the present and an Aquaman series is going to be a very real thing — when DC relaunches their entire universe in September, Aquaman #1 be a reality, both being written by Geoff Johns and with art by Ivan Reis.

With my quick monologue out of the way, the Hollywood Reporter recently put up a full 4-page-preview of the first issue. Check out the pages below —

Read the full post for the rest of the pages.

There really is no way I can describe my excitement for this book in written words. Even if I were to meet you in person, I couldn’t accurately describe to you what it means to see Aquaman getting a book of this quality. If I had to attempt to, however, I would start by simply describing how beautiful the art is. Ivan Reis draws the most majestic superheroes, and his Aquaman is the best version of the character in recent years. I particularly love the angered look on his face on the third page of the preview — just after the bullets cut his skin.

It’s obvious Geoff Johns is a huge fan of the character, and having a superstar writer like Johns in support of something is only good for that product. The talent that Johns has seems to be limitless. Say what you want about the man, but I would struggle to find a book that is poorly written from him. All of his ideas are big and always successful. Whatever book he seems to be writing becomes a big seller, such as his Teen Titans run with Mike McKone, his Flash run (both Wally West and recently Barry Allen), his JSA run, and not to mention the huge success of the Green Lantern universe that he continues to charter along.

Aquaman is in good hands — there is no doubt about it, and I could not be happier. I am really looking forward to this reboot for DC, and this book is all the reason I need.


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