Nightwing Playable (DLC) in Arkham City

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Nightwing AKA Dick Grayson is all but “officially” confirmed as playable in Batman: Arkham City.

The Trophy List for Arkham City was first released (which contains major spoilers) earlier this week and raised questions about DLC trophies, specifically pointing to a section where Nightwing would be playable. Both trophies under this DLC detailed the amount of “in-game-trophies” the player would have to collect, confirming Nightwing is playable to some degree, most likely through his own campaign mode.

On top of the trophy list, Portugese gaming forum came across character model screenshots for Nightwing in the game, as well as some concept art, although it is important to note that the screens are from the alpha stage of development. It’s important to note that his final character model could look very different from the one we see below.

So there you have it — Nightwing is 99.99 % confirmed in Arkham City. The only thing left up to question is whether he will be seen in the campaign mode or not, and just how much Nightwing will we see? Is it possible he might be playable for a portion of the game like Catwoman? Or will he be able only to be downloaded through DLC like Robin?


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