My First Superset

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I have an addiction…

…to the gym. It may sound unusual coming from me, but joining a gym here in Korea has been THE best decision I made since coming here this year. As much as I am struggling in this KGSP program, I feel like I’m really succeeding in getting healthier (and bigger).

I’ve recently made a habit of going twice a day — once in the morning and once after classes — just to fit in cardio and weight training. But as accustomed as I feel I was (and still am) to gym etiquette  there are still a few things I never felt dedicated enough to try. I used to see guys walking around the weights like gorillas with a water bottle full of some strange mix and watching their physique in the mirror constantly. I love the gym, but I thought there was a line I would never cross.

But no — I am sold. As ridiculous as it may seem, I have fallen in with the gym. Everything about it. The cold steel of free weights. Pushing yourself to a point of exhaustion. Limbs shaking as you struggle to get the last rep in. Weights clapping together. Feeling the sweat begin to perspire on your forehead.

Although I’m still working on getting a proper weekday program going, I vary each day and try to focus on different areas. One day for shoulders. One day for chest. And so on and so forth.

But today was my first attempt at a “superset.” Some of you might not be accustomed to the term, and to be honest, I wasn’t familiar with it until about 48 hours ago. A “set” is basically an exercise focusing on a specific muscle group. For example, let’s say I want to work my shoulders. I sit on an inclined weight bench with a weight in each hand, and propel them above my head, bringing them together, then back down to shoulder height. Do this 10 times and that is 10 reps. After 10 reps, you have completed a set. Normally you wait about 30 – 45 seconds, sometimes more, between each set. After about 3 – 4 sets, you move onto another exercise.

However, a superset is a second set immediately after the first one. Using the example I mentioned above, after I finish the shoulder set (seated dumbbell press), I can immediately start a different motion (usually with a different weight size) working my side-lateral muscles — lifting my arms (keeping them straight) completely out to the side and back down. I do this 10 times as well, then go back to the seated dumbbell press exercise.

A superset is basically doing multiple sets in a short amount of time. Instead of using your rest time to just sit there, you can work a separate muscle group while still giving your previous group time to rest. Some people even stack 3 or 4 supersets on, but that’s not on my agenda yet.

Today, I did the exact superset I described. Sitting on an inclined bench press, I began working shoulders with the seated dumbbell press, then I dropped the weights (30 lbs) and switch to a much lighter (10 lbs) and began to work my side laterals. The weight may not seem like much, but one thing I’m beginning to learn is that it’s now about how much weight you can lift — it’s about lifting with the proper form. I can throw around 40 lbs weights, but I’d be using my entire body instead of using the proper muscle group I want to focus on. And I definitely achieved it this morning.

I hit the gym at 7:00 am — just as it opened — and after a brief warm up, immediately did my first superset. It tested my endurance — without a doubt — but I loved it.

As I finish typing this up, it’s about 10 minutes after 5:00 PM and I’m about to head back down to the gym to get in some more weight training and a little cardio as well. I initially said 2012 would be the best year of my life, as far as being the best “me” I can possibly be — and I am making it happen. I have some progress picks over the past few months. Maybe someday I’ll show them if I feel up to it.

On an unrelated note, I would like to share a song I have had on repeat about 100 times since I put it on my iPod. It definitely keeps me going in the gym and helps me get that extra focus I’m struggling to find sometimes.

“Bulletproof” from 12 Stones. Click the picture below to listen.

The bass. The chorus. Such a heavy song. Exactly what I love to listen to when I want to get lost in time lifting.

I’m Feeling Superhuman
I’m Invincible – I’m Bulletproof
I’m On A Revolution
I’m Invincible – I’m Bulletproof


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