What’s Your Motivation?

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Life in Korea is quite different this time around. Being a student in the SLI (Sungkyunkwan Language Institute) can provide more stress than one might expect. They literally designed this program from top to bottom so a student can go through all 6 levels of TOPIK (Korean Proficiency Test) in one year — which would basically mean that person would be BEYOND fluent. Having studied Korean a bit last year, I felt like I was on the right side of starting this program, but I quickly lost pace and have fallen behind.

I can’t express how difficult it is — and I don’t want to turn this into a post about complaining, but my point is — I have to make goals or find things I enjoy to keep me going. Here are a few that keep me on this path —

*The thought of opportunities back home (or lack of opportunities)
*Being able to defer student loan payments and have graduate school (potentially) paid for
*Living in a different country and meeting other students from all over the world
*Making meaningful relationships with internationals (and of course Koreans)
*Just being honored enough to receive this scholarship

I know there are people who would literally take a life for the opportunity I have. I can almost feel the envy from acquaintances back home when they leave condescending Facebook comments (or some of the things that were said to me prior to leaving). And I do feel honored. I am trying here. I am.

And as silly as it may sound, I love having access to a decent gym so close to my room. I wake up at 6:35 every morning, do some empty stomach cardio and light weightlifting, then return at some point later in the day. Since I was younger, I was fascinated by athletes and professional wrestlers with amazing physiques — like a bodybuilder almost. I could not believe the dedication they had to put into their life just to look a certain way.

Batista Body

^ David Bautista. One of my personal idols (as far as bodybuilding — and recently MMA). We have the same name, loving working out, I already have one tattoo — so I’m inching closer and closer to getting there.

I have improved my diet by leaps and bounds. Just to give you an example of the commitment I am making, let me run down my meals yesterday —

*Apple (Post Morning Workout)
*Protein Shake (Post Morning Workout)

*2 Tangerines
*3 Boiled Eggs

Afternoon Snack:
*Apple (Post Afternoon Workout)
*Tangerine (Post Afternoon Workout)

*Protein Shake

Evening Snack:

Not extremely varied or balanced by many nutritionists, but I have been taking in so much protein from the shakes — and on other days I usually find some Korean dish like Dak-Kal-Bi for meat and vegetables or just straight up chicken. I still “cheat” now and then and I feel disappointed in myself when I do — but still — I am seeing results fast. And as I said in the previous post — someday I’ll share the pics.

And yes I am drinking a bit here in Korea. A “light” beer or two after a stressful day of this Korean bootcamp never killed anyone, and I make sure to work it off in the morning.

So I realize this is jumping around a bit — but with this scholarship it has (for the first time in my life) given me an opportunity where I can focus on learning a second language, but more importantly, reaching my physical peak. I am doing the research about nutrition and exercise. I have roommates and friends who love work out as well and we keep each other motivated. And I have an iPod full of heavy music to push me and keep me going.

So in a sense, as stressed as I am (at the fear of failing this program) — and I SO happy to be here at the same time, if for nothing else because I have some great friends and I am feeling healthier every day. Maybe someday, I finally can reach that physique I’m striving for.

I guess in conclusion — I got this scholarship because of hard work and seizing opportunities — so much that I like to think of myself as the ultimate opportunist (and cheers to you if you can get that reference). I know people would love to be in my position, but I am making the most of it. I am working towards my future and also making myself stronger and healthier than ever before. I have good days and bad days, but I still pull myself through. I don’t know where I’ll be one year from now (or even 3 months from now), but I hope I can keep this motivation going.

If there is something you really want — a dream — an ideal body — a job — I really pray and hope that you can get there as well.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a random post without much thought put in prior, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Me Looking

^ Me in Gangnam. Just thought I’d throw that in there. :P

Show. Off.


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