Finals Approaching

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^ Yours truly pretending to sleep on a bus ride back from Caribbean Bay Water Park (near Everland in Seoul).

So finals are approaching for the current level at the SLI (Sungkyunkwan Language Institute). This will be the second final I’ve taken here since I arrived at the end of August. I managed to progress from the first level to the second, but if I can go from the second to the third — well that will be extremely difficult (seeing as how my midterms were less than stellar).

But regardless, I don’t feel much stress. I know my Korean is improving at my own pace and I’m pleased with it. I could be putting in more effort — I am very aware of that, but I already feel stressed enough as it is, so I don’t want to overload it. If I can do well enough to progress, then that’s fantastic, but I’m just as fine repeating this current level and fine tuning everything I’ve learned. Perhaps one day I’ll do an entire post in Korean? If anyone would even find that interesting?

In other news, at the GS25 near my university, if you buy two PepsiNex’s (0 Calorie Pepsi — like Coke Zero), you get one free. WOW. Quite the deal, so I took advantage of that today. Useless information to most, but these are the things that interest me nowadays.

As far as my gym life, things are going well. I tried to apply the mindset of my previous post to this morning’s workout. I usually save that time for cardio, but I hit some heavy chest exercises — some of them I struggled to even get 6 reps. I knew I could add more weight, but considering I was going on an empty stomach, I didn’t want to burn myself out. Everyone’s body is different and different exercises and sets will have different results for everyone. The idea of always “feeling the burn” is something I don’t agree with. Sure, if you feel your muscles burning it means your muscles are getting worked, but in actuality — that feeling is just lactic acid that your body is producing as your muscles fatigue. It is a good feeling, but if you lift heavy with very small reps it doesn’t mean your muscles aren’t getting fatigued. I’m about to head back to the gym again this evening and I’ll apply the same logic and see how that goes.

I also have a new protein I’m taking — and it is delicious. I can’t say much for the results so far, seeing as I only bought it on Saturday in Namdaemun Market. What is it you ask?

Whey Protein

Chocolate Shake flavored Whey Protein from On Performance. So far I love it. I definitely feel like it moves through my body a lot quicker than other protein mixes I’ve tried, and it almost tastes TOO good. Like — addicting almost. The tub I bought has about 50 servings (1 scoop), so it should last me some time, but I’ve already started overloading a bit — just to see how my body changes over a period of time. I’ve been reading up on just how much protein to take in while your lifting heavy, and I’ve seen some sources say that you want to take in grams equal to your own weight. So since I weigh about 160 pounds right now — I should take around 160 grams of protein in a day. That seems a little intimidating to me, to be honest, so I don’t think I’m hovering in that range, but I’m getting well above the daily value. And I’m happy with the results I’ve seen thus far.

Now I need some pre-workout motivation. So I’m listening to some intense music to get me pumped up — which consists of anything from Rage Against The Machine to Downstait to Britney Spears. Don’t be a hater.

CM Punk Gym

^ CM Punk in the gym. Punk does not get enough recognition for his physique, considering how much he’s improved it over the years with the company. I think now he looks leaner and better than ever.

And now that this post has bounced off 100 unrelated things — it’s time to hit the gym (and maybe study a bit later as well). Show. Off.


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