Godzilla 2014 Review

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Before I dive into the review, let me take a moment to talk about what Godzilla means to me…

I have one older brother by about 6 years — and he is just the ultimate definition of a brother. I looked up to him and have always thought the world of him, and so when I was born, whatever interests my brother had immediately fell onto me. My brother loved the Ninja Turtles, which is why I am a lifelong Ninja Turtles fan. My brother loved soccer and played his entire life, which is why I did the same. My brother had a fascination with sharks — buying coloring books and watching Shark Week annually, which is why I did the same.

And my brother absolutely adored and loved Godzilla movies, so naturally — I did the same.

I’ve already complied my list of top 10 favorite Godzilla films into two posts. (Part 1 and Part 2) But to be honest, I wouldn’t say I really “hate” any Godzilla film. I definitely have my favorites and least favorites, but even films like Godzilla’s Revenge and the 1998 American film both have meaning to me. Are they movies I watch often, or want to see anytime soon? Maybe not in particular, but they are still Godzilla films, and Godzilla, to me, is much more than just a film franchise.

I have an impressive Godzilla toy collection and a number of VHS tapes that belong to both myself and my brother, and of course a number of DVDs of my favorite films. I almost have the complete series of the Dark Horse Comics Godzilla run — which are some of my favorite comics. When I was growing up, I was always drawing pictures of Godzilla — his silhouette coming out of the ocean. I can honestly say now I have seen all of the Godzilla films released, but even if I couldn’t see another Godzilla film, I would still love the character just as much as I ever have.

He’s really connected to my childhood, my growing up — it sounds ridiculous in some ways, I get it — and I’m probably being too sentimental, but honestly — I’m the kind of person who is probably too honest about how I feel about things, and Godzilla means more to me than just one movie.

So with that all being said…what did this one movie mean to me?


Godzilla (2014)
Director: Gareth Edwards
Release Date: May 16th, 2014 (US) / May 14 & 15 International

This is the first Godzilla film in approximately a decade, after Godzilla Final Wars was released in Japan in late 2004. And of course, this is only the second Godzilla film to NOT created at the hands of Toho — the studio that made all of the original Japanese Godzilla films. With TriStar making the first “American Godzilla” film  in 1998, the film did well financially and while not breaking any records at the time of its release, it did well enough and put money back into Toho’s pockets to make more of their own films — because — the 1998 film was not received well by critics in the US and especially Godzilla’s creators back in Japan.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

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There is no game quite like a Zelda game. The formula can be copied and emulated, but no matter what, no one can produce the Zelda experience quite like Nintendo. And 2011 brought us the 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise, and along with that came a new game — The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword was released for the Nintendo Wii on November 20th, 2011, in North America. This is the first Zelda game designed specifically for the Wii. While Twilight Princess was released in 2006, it was initially designed for the Gamecube and then ported to the Wii during production, so SS was being sold as the Wii-Zelda game that fans had been dying for. When the Wii was first released back in 2006, one of the first things that came into any fan’s mind when holding that Wii remote was, “I can’t wait to play a Zelda game where this remote is my sword.” And while Twilight Princess still offered a good Wii experience for Zelda fans, we eagerly awaited the first game designed from the ground up to make use of the Wii hardware.

Skyward Sword not only makes use of the Wii’s standard motion controls, but it actually REQUIRES players to have the Motion Plus technology. Whether you play with the Remote Plus or simply attach the Motion Plus attachment onto a regular Wii remote, it makes no difference, but the game is simply unplayable without it. Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma, two of the producers for Skyward Sword, sold the experience by saying that the Wii remote IS your sword, with 1:1 motion matching up with your character on screen.

But Zelda fans already know this. So how does Skyward Sword actually stack up against other Zeldas, and most importantly, can it be hailed as the greatest Zelda game of them all?

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Batman: Arkham City Review

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Perched on a gargoyle statue, draped in darkness, I look out into the darkness that is the Gotham City nightlife. Turning on my detective vision, I can clearly see four outlined bodies on a nearby rooftop. These are the Joker’s henchmen, all of them criminals with dangerous weapons, looking to hurt anyone who opposes them. One of them walks onto a ledge alone, talking about the animosity between Two-Face and Joker. Without hesitation, I pounce on him from above, bringing him down in an instant. One after another, the remaining “henchmen” come up to the scene where their ally now lay on the ground, but a wave of batarangs and some quick combat skills leave them all lying unconscious before they realize what has happened. I am Batman.

No — I have not lost my mind. This is just one account of the awesome experience that is “Batman: Arkham City.”

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L.A. Noire Review

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L.A. Noire Review
Developer: Team Bondi
Publisher: RockStar Studios
Release Date: May 17, 2011

Personal Note: In the case of this L.A. Noire review, it’s better to arrive late than to never show up at all. I realize the game was released in May, but I was only able to play just a few weeks ago – and I feel that having some time after the hype has died down gave me a more clear look at the game as a whole.

On the surface, L.A. Noire plays like an open-world Grand Theft Auto-clone set in a post-WWII Los Angeles. What makes this game different is that instead of playing the role of someone committing crimes and working your way up through the streets, L.A. Noire puts in you in the shoes of a cop named Cole Phelps, a lieutenant in the war who has returned home to work his way up the ranks the honest way. Cole Phelps takes a very different route than a character from a GTA game, being that he works on the side of the law, rather than breaking it.

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